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              C’est La Vie Fashion Co.,Ltd is an OEM & ODM company established in 2002, specializing in women fashion design, production and sales. With the philosophy”Quality is the life, Style is soul”, we provide our stylish design, quality manufactured products and excellent follow-up service to our customers, and have developed from one garment factory with 20 staff to one integrated fashion enterprise with millions annual output.
              We have the excellent fashion design team led by one Italian designer, and every product is the combination of fashion, knowledge and creativity. With its graceful and simple style, fashionable color and exquisite tailoring, as well as the essence of Eastern and Western elegance, it could express the perfectness and confidence of modern women thoroughly, which is one of our outstanding advantages to win the marketing share.
              Our products, knitting and weaving, have exported to many countries with the concept “Green Clothes”, we take the natural fabric, such as, cotton, wool, flax and silk for the comfortable products, so that the consumer can enjoy the beautiful and conformable life. We are making non-stop progress to develop our own brand to provide more and more comfortable products in fashion industry.

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